Upbringing & Life

Farman kharabayi, An Islamic preacher, born on 1970 a religious scholar, Kurdish writer, has many books printed in all fields.

Job & Activities

He is currently the imam and preacher of Saeed Nursi Mosque in Erbil, and he has written books in all fields, and he has sermons and audio and video lectures, and he has presented many television programs in all fields: youth, social, educational, and religious.

Scientific Career

• Higher Diploma in Public Speaking and Sharia.
• Bachelor's degree in Sharia and Islamic principles.
• Holds a scientific Ijaza.
• He obtained various Ijazas.
• He traveled to many countries.. In those countries he participated in conferences and courses.


He enjoys many intellectual productions, including books, brochures, and articles, most of which are in Kurdish.